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Healthy Food

When it comes to healthy food, Dry fruits are always recommended. The reason is that they contain more fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants than other types of food. Dry Fruits also stay fresh for a longer period of time, so you can enjoy them even if you had a few spoonfuls the night before.

100% Natural

There are many reasons why dry fruits are considered healthy. In fact, there are over 100 ingredients in a dry fruit that directly affect your health. Even the most health-conscious person will eat some dry fruit regularly because it contains valuable nutrients or because of its special flavor.

Farm Fresh

Experience the taste of freshness with our Farm Fresh range of dry fruits. The finest nuts and fruits are individually selected and harvested at their peak by our experienced growers. Then, the fruits and nuts are gently dried to seal in their natural freshness.Dry fruits are delivered directly to your door from farms.

About Us

It is the only supermarket chain that lays special emphasis on its own products. With in house capabilities centering on almost all type of products, Baniya supermarket has grown to become a household name in the north with consumers spanning successive generations. Baniya supermarket is one of India’s pioneering champions of organized retail and has ushered in the age where consumers now seek more value in their shopping experience.

Begining with a single store in JAMMU with its focus on customer satisfaction, Baniya supermarket has scripted a story of success with another store at KATRA established in 2001 delivering wide range of products and shopping experience to the consumer, offering a wide range of grocery, general merchandise and personal care products.

With the mission of constantly improving and upgrading capacities, Baniya supermarket is all set to embrace emerging technologies and be recognized for customer focus and commitment to quality.

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